Detailed Instructions

These Detailed Instructions will be included with each pack of Slaced Decals

Download Detailed Instructions (PDF)
  • Clean The Surface

    (If you can use rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) that would be best!)

  • Secure The Clear Transfer Tape To The Decal

    (to help the decal lift from the wax backing paper)

  • Slowly Remove The Wax Backing Paper

    (not letting the decal stay on the wax backing)

  • Secure The Decal To The Clean Surface

    (Rub both the Clear Transfer tape and the decal to the surface)

  • Slowly Peel Off The Clear Transfer Tape

    (leaving the glorious decal on your desired surface)

Other Application Tips

Applying a decal outdoors, or to a cooler?

If applying the deals outdoors - such as to a vehicle window, make sure to apply the decals in a cool and shaded area - as the clear transfer tape can expand/get stickier in direct sunlight, making a good transfer harder.

If you're applying to a Yeti or RTIC type hard cooler: let the decal and transfer tape sit for about 5 minutes before taking off the transfer tape! - the coolers have an almost waxy feel even after being cleaned. The extra time lets the Decal adhere to the cooler.