About Slaced Decals

Just A Small Business in SLC, UT

Slaced Decals is a small business that was formed by a couple brothers that grew up (and still reside) in the great state of Utah. They inherited a vinyl cutter (plotter) - and started cutting a few vinyl designs for friends and family. The brothers noticed a lapse in the current offering of self-expressive, highly detailed, and high-quality Vinyl Decals. From their Slaced Decals partnership, they flipped the word “decals” to form the “Slaced” brand.

  • Decals are die-cut (with a plotter)

    All Slaced Decals start their journey from a roll of high-quality, Oracal 651 Vinyl (which has a 6+ year outdoor rating). The vinyl is loaded into the plotter, then precisely cut to spec.

  • Decals are then 'weeded'

    The Decal then needs to be 'weeded' - or have the excess removed leaving just the desired decal.

  • Transfer tape is applied

    The high-quality, clear, medium-tack transfer tape is applied to the decal. We choose clear for an easier alignment on the desired surface, and medium-tack to find a balance between grabbing the decal from the wax paper and releasing the decal once applied.

  • Decals are cut out, then packed

    The sheet of decals is then cut up, then packed with their other themed decals into an envelope with Instructions. Ready to be shipped out to you!

Slaced Decals Are Manufactured Using Solar Power

Slaced Decals are manufactured usingSolar Power- that beautiful renewable energy! (Yep - I have solar panels on my house, and these are manufactured in my basement; from cutting, weeding, applying transfer tape, cutting them up, and packaging them. Even the computer I’m typing this on is powered by solar. Thank you sun!)