Any Smooth Hard Surface

Slaced Decals can be put on any smooth, hard surface. The most common applications we’ve seen (and personally use) are: Car Windows, Laptops, Water Bottles, Tumblers, Coolers, Cups, Helmets, Bikes, Dog Bowls, Clip Boards... really the list is endless.

Detailed Application Instructions Included

Every pack of Slaced Decals include detailed application instructions, but the basic steps are:

-Clean The Surface

-Secure The Clear Transfer Tape To The Decal (to help the decal lift from the wax backing paper)

-Slowly Remove The Wax Backing Paper

-Rub The Decal (And Clear Transfer Tape) To The Clean Surface

-Slowly Peel Off The Clear Transfer Tape (leaving the glorious decal on your desired surface)

  • Decals are die-cut (with a plotter)

    All Slaced Decals start their journey from a roll of high-quality, Oracal 651 Vinyl (which has a 6+ year outdoor rating). The vinyl is loaded into the plotter, then precisely cut to spec.

  • Decals are then 'weeded'

    The Decal then needs to be 'weeded' - or have the excess removed leaving just the desired decal.

  • Transfer tape is applied

    The high-quality, clear, medium-tack transfer tape is applied to the decal. We choose clear for an easier alignment on the desired surface, and medium-tack to find a balance between grabbing the decal from the wax paper and releasing the decal once applied.

  • Decals are cut out, then packed

    The sheet of decals is then cut up and packed

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