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Hopefully you can find some answers on why we do things the way we do. If not, contact us!

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Clear Transfer Tape?

Yes! - your decal comes with clear transfer tape already applied to the decal! - it’s the almost matte finish clear covering. Go ahead and peel it away from the wax backing in the corner with your fingernail to get a feel for it!

***Remember to take the Clear Transfer Tape off of the surface, it’s not meant to stay on there, just the decal**

Why are they sold in a 4 pack? Do you sell them individually?

Great Question! We sell decals in 4 packs to find the sweet spot of the lowest price we can offer, to make the cost of shipping make sense. (Think Buying in bulk - Plus you get some extra decals!)

At this time we are only selling them in 4 packs. Buy the things you love in bulk!

Do you do custom designs? or Custom orders?

We aren't doing custom designs at the momoment - but please reach out to us about custom orders if you want to buy the current designs in bulk or differently.

How do I leave a review? - or view reviews on your decals?

Reviews are coming shortly on this site.

But you can check out the out the reviews we've accumulated on or on

Shipping is always free? - Can I pay for faster Shipping?

To keep the costs low, and pass as much of the savings onto you as possible we do offer free shipping on all orders of decals! Your orders will ship Via USPS FIrst Class Mail - or a Stamp.

At this time we aren’t shipping from the site with tracking numbers - or different shipping speeds (to keep costs low)

If you have Amazon Prime (or spend over Amazon’s minimum limit without prime) you can get any of our decals there as well - with generally faster shipping options. 

Of course we’d love for you to buy them directly from us… if a standard shipping time is ok - but if you need them faster - by all means Amazon Prime!

The link above will get you to the amazon storefront, and all of the decals have a link to amazon in the product description.

Decal vs Sticker? What's the difference?

Good question - if you're new to decals this is a very valid question.

A decal is a die-cut piece of vinyl, and is a little more in-depth to apply than a standard 'peel and stick' sticker. A Decal won't have a backing, and will hold up a lot longer than a sticker. They'll have clean lines (think the hours of operation the door of your favorite restaurant). And they'll hold up against weather much better than your run-of-the-mill sticker.

I'm not trashing stickers - as there are some good ones with UV resistant ink that are printed on vinyl - that will hold up on a car in the elements. But the most common stickers are printed on paper that will fade and deteriorate over time.

How do returns work? I'm a little hesitant to buy from this site

Returns are easy! - and Replacements are also easy!

I'm aiming for 99% customer satisfaction (100% would be nice, but we'll settle for 99%)

If you have any issues with the decals, you can definitely send back any unused ones for a full refund. And/or if you need a replacement send me a picture of the one that failed and I’ll send you another!

Lastly - You are more than welcome to check out our Amazon Storefront - or our Etsy Storefront.

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